7. July 2017

Hybrid Integration of Laser Source on Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit for low-cost Interferometry Medical Device – Proc. SPIE 10109, Optical Interconnects XVII, 1010915 (20 February 2017)

Matthieu Duperron (a) *, Lee Carroll (a), Marc Rensing (a), Sean Collins (a), Yan Zhao (a), Yanlu Li (b),

Roel Baets (b), Peter O’Brien (b)

a) University College Cork, Tyndall National Institute, Photonic Packaging Group, Dyke parade, Cork, Ireland, (b) Ghent University – IMEC, Photonics Research Group, iGent Tower – Department of Information Technology (INTEC) Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 15, B-9052 Gent, Belgium

Abstract. The cost-effective integration of laser sources on Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits (Si-PICs) is a key to realizing the full potential of on-chip photonic solutions for telecommunication and medical applications. Hybrid integration can offer a route to high-yield solutions, using only known-good laser-chips, and simple freespace micro-optics to transport light from a discrete laser-diode to a grating-coupler on the Si-PIC. In this work, we describe a passively assembled micro-optical bench (MOB) for the hybrid integration of a 1550nm 20MHz linewidth laser-diode on a Si-PIC, developed for an on-chip nterferometer based medical device. A dual-lens MOB design minimizes aberrations In the laser spot transported to the standard grating-coupler (15_m_12_m) on the Si-PIC, and facilitates the inclusion of a sub-millimeter latched-garnet optical-isolator. The 20dB suppression from the isolator helps ensure the high-frequency stability of the laser-diode, while the high thermal conductivity of the AlN submount (300W=m:_C), and the close integration of a micro-bead thermistor, ensure the stable and efficient thermo-electric cooling of the laser-diode, which helps minimise low-frequency drift during the approximately15s of operation needed for the point-of-care measurement. The dual-lens MOB is compatible with cost-effective passively-aligned

mass-production, and can be optimised for alternative PIC-based applications.

Keywords: optics, photonics, laser, hybrid integration, photonic packaging, micro-optical bench.


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